advent, part ii


6. Leave a card for the postman

7. Make an orange garland

For instructions, visit The Magic Onions. This blog is also full of lots of other wonderful whimsy...worth a browse! The garland was so easy and looks really beautiful in the entrance to our kitchen.

8. Drink eggnog with Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen is surprisingly hard to find in Boston. I finally found some at Trader Joe's (which is apparently owned by the German supermarket chain Aldi). I rushed over to it gleefully and began hoarding as many packages as I could carry. A woman nearby came up and whispered, "Are those good?" Yes, they are.

I'm still keeping an eye out for more. The ones I found were delicious, but nowhere near as delicious as the Bahlsen brand.

9. Mail a few Christmas cards

A far cry from a mass mailing, I just sent out little notes to some who are near and dear to me, but who hear from me much less than I would like.

10. Make a seasonal stovetop potpurri

A clementine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, vanilla extract...brought to a boil in some water and simmered for hours. Ah, the comforts of the season...


  1. So creative :)
    I will leave a letter for the postman today. I love that idea.
    My favorite stovetop potpouri is cinnamon sticks with orange rind with a little water. It's smells heavenly.

  2. What lovely things you are doing - I like doing a potpurri on the stove, too - makes the house smell so pretty.

  3. oh yor orange garland is lovely, gives the room not just scent but colour too.

  4. What gorgeous pictures (and ideas)! P.S. I got your gift when I walked away from the holiday fiesta tonight---super cute! :)

  5. LOVED LOVED LOOOOOOOVED meeting you tonight!!!!!! So excited to say we're real life friends now!!

    Talk to you soon, Clair! And get on the twitter already!! :)

  6. LOL, "Get on the Twitter already!" I agree! :)

  7. These are so sweet!! LOVE the idea of an orange garland, so festive. It was wonderful meeting you last night, so excited to be following you blog now! We must all get together again soon!

  8. girl, you are kind of impressive. just gotta say it. UM AND YOUR COMMENT TOTALLY MADE MY WHOLE DAY! i think it's a bit absurd as well! i think maybe a blogger dinner is in store sometime soon, please?

  9. Ah so lovely ;)
    the orange garland is so sweet and it must give off the best most festive aroma.... and add the stovetop potpourri - your place already sounds so welcoming ;)
    Thank you for reminding me to put a move on my cards - will they still make it before x-mas? hope so!

  10. Hey Clair! It was SO great meeting you yesterday. I love your blog...are these photos your own? You're an awesome photographer! I'm definitely subscribing to your blog -- lets please keep in touch!

  11. Thanks so much to all! Great to have a few new friends browsing around these parts...and there are still some of you I'd love to meet. ;-)


Thanks for making me smile. =)