advent, the final part

The last few days of Advent have come and gone. I managed to fit in my last five activities, travel home to Jersey for Christmas, and experience some of the warmest and most peaceful days I've had in awhile.

We had our seven fishes on Christmas Eve. We had a rich Christmas dinner of standing rib roast, mashed sweet potatoes and turnips, Yorkshire pudding, and a seasonal salad. I indulged in snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, and Lebkuchen.

My family does a good job of avoiding the commercialism of the season, but I have to admit that their thoughtful gifts mean a lot to me. My brother got me a beautiful vegetarian cookbook. My sister got me a needle felting kit (hello, new hobby). J got me a lovely, delicate gold necklace. My parents Santa got me a backpack I've been dying for, and a refill on my signature scent, Chanel Chance.

It's been amazing to catch up with some old high school friends, and bask in family time. And I've got more time with loved ones planned for this week. I'm also missing J and Maus, and will appreciate them all the more when we're back up north.

Hope you and yours are enjoying the remaining days of the season. A day late, I'm still wishing you a happy, happy Christmas!



  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... you're a great photographer! I especially love the photo with the crystals. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, I used to use Chanel Chance. Such a great scent!

  2. Hope you had a great holiday, sounds like you did! Your picture with the crystals is amazing!

  3. so so beautiful! love the little moments you captured. also HELL YEAH to crocheting/knitting!

  4. sounds like your holiday has been quite cozy! i love the time spent with family and friends...so wonderful. :)

  5. How lovely are those crystals? What's needle felting? Sounds interesting. I love the dog, too. So cute.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas. And happy new year to you!

  7. Sounds truly perfect ;) You're a lucky girl miss Clair. May you have a beautiful 2012 ahead ;)


Thanks for making me smile. =)