rising with the sun

I had a 7 a.m. meeting today. Yes, 7 a.m.

Let me make this clear: as a grad student, this is early.

I left the house at 6:30. And the moment I took my first breath of morning air, I felt like a teacher again.

As dog-tired as I always was when teaching, there was something really lovely about waking up before the rest of the world, waiting in the sunrise for a bus, then nursing a warm mug of coffee while opening all the blinds in the classroom. It's a real moment of quiet and meditation and possibility.

It's a special time of the day. At 6:30 in Boston, everything is on the verge of being awake. This morning I basked in the cool air, and sucked it in when I caught sight of the sunrise. Let me tell you, it is a beautiful experience to see the Boston skyline silhouetted across the pinks, purples, and reds of an autumn sunrise. I need to take my own advice and always carry my camera.

I love the bus in the morning too. It's a different crowd. People nod and say hello. They know each other. They're here every morning, going to work. They don't talk much though. There is a sleepiness hanging over everyone and a cup of coffee in every other hand, like a sword fighting the battle for wakefulness.

Oh dear, I wanted to enjoy the same. I'm home now, and it feels like the right time for a cup of coffee. But since we are talking about school, I'll be on my best behavior and show you how to make less coffee go further.

Good Conduct Café au Lait

1/2 cup coffee (half-strength or decaf is better!)
1/2 cup soy milk
8 drops liquid stevia
spice(s) of choice, to taste

If necessary, microwave the coffee in the mug you will be using until as hot as desired. Then, in a different cup, heat the soy milk for 60-90 seconds. When done, add the stevia and spice(s). Use a milk frother to whip the soy milk mixture until a dense foam forms on the surface. Pour this into your coffee. The foam will naturally pour in last and sit on top of your drink. Top with additional spices as garnish.

-You can use any non-dairy milk, but I highly recommend soy milk, since the larger amount of protein contributes to a better froth.
-I used cardamom as my only spice, but the possibilities are endless...over the weekend I used pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves to make a 'pumpkin spice' variety. Yum.mee.


  1. I love Boston in the morning too. And as a teacher, I've seen that sunrise enough times to say we're good friends.

    Glad I found your blog (and glad you found mine. :) Maybe we can connect in person sometime! I love meeting other bloggers around B! :)

  2. boston is so lovely in the morning, i love gliding past on my bike before most people have woken up :) it almost makes having an 8am class worth it! and oh mylanta, must make one of those cafe au laits soon! :) glad to find another boston blogging friend.

  3. Yay Boston bloggers! =) I just love recognizing photos and stories from my home.

    We should totally make a blog date. I'll connect soon...busy couple weeks coming up. =/

  4. i love mornings, too. as much as i complain about getting up early, there is something incredibly fantastic about being up before (most) of the rest of the world. :)

  5. I like being up before everybody else, too (when I can manage it). There's something kinda neat about early mornings, especially when it's still dark outside.

  6. Oh my, sounds like an awesome coffee :)


Thanks for making me smile. =)