happy birthday, j

We celebrated J's birthday this weekend. No pictures. Seems I only know how to take pictures of food anymore. So put on your imagination hats, and I'll recreate the special day for you.

Here's how it went down:

1. Baseball pancakes. I can't find pictures of successful baseball pancakes. Apparently no one on the internet has tried to do what I tried to do. This means they are either much smarter than I am, or I had a really good idea and the sting of failure is that much worse. In any case, this photo illustrates the quality and technique I was going for:

In reality, I used flax eggs instead of real eggs. So when I tried to use squirt bottles to create baseballs, the tops got all clogged up and I got mad. So I just made red and white pancakes that looked more like this:

We ate them anyway.

2. Presents.
        -Pre-ordered Zelda: Skyward Sword
        -Back scratcher (I can't believe how well this went over...he will use this for hours at a time)
        -Dinner out
        -Baseball hand warmers

I made the hand warmers homemade. In my head, they were a perfect substitute for the glittens I've been working on since May (which will not be done by winter). I envisioned perfect embroidery, cute round pouches, the spitting image of baseballs. They're not. But keep in mind that I haven't hand stitched a project since around the age of 11. My stitch work reflects this:

3. Dinner. We went to our favorite little Italian place, where J had fusilli with sausage and broccoli rabe, and I had a piece of lasagna as big as my face. The first time we went there, I asked about whole wheat pasta. Our Italian waiter, accent and all, said, "Whole wh...what?" Oh yes, it's good.

4. Evening Stroll. After stuffing ourselves silly, we took a long walk around town. When we went by Trader Joe's, J asked me if I wanted to go in and walk around. This was cute because he was thinking of my happiness on his birthday. This was scary because he knows how happy walking around Trader Joe's makes me.

5. Gin & Tonic. We ended the evening with some high quality G&Ts. This is J's favorite drink, and we enjoyed it while brainstorming for Halloween costume ideas. We have a good one. I'm pretty excited.

Overall, a good day. And for a couple of glorious weeks, we'll be the same age and J won't be able to make fun of me for being so old...I'm about to be a quarter century strong.

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