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Remember when I said we should eat less meat?

I wasn't ready to completely give it up, but I've definitely been eating less and less meat as the days go by. If I knew I would never be offered prosciutto or ham ever again, I'd proclaim myself a vegetarian today. If I didn't love honey and cheese so much, I'd even go vegan!

But I have what I think of as a 95% diet. I feel good if I stick to my principles about 95% of the time. That means I don't have to feel bad if a piece of prosciutto from J's nonna is sooo tempting every few months. But it also means that since I'm not putting anything in absolute terms, most of the time, it's really easy to avoid the stuff I don't believe in.

So this movie arrived at just the right time...

Watch it.

J and I both consume information like this with a healthy does of skepticism. And while I'm sure there are some decent arguments against the message of the movie, we have never been so impressed with the science and logic of an exposé-style documentary.

In fact, J was so impressed, when the credits rolled he turned to me and said, "Let's do it. Next set of groceries...no meat."

In case you didn't know, this is the guy that eats nearly 10 pounds of chicken breast every week.

So we're going to try it. J's been doing all the research on alternate forms of protein, their unit prices, and the protein "return on investment." And I'm going to sit down and do some recipe planning, since the scene in our kitchen is about to change dramatically.

I'm putting it down here to keep us honest. We're about to go *nearly* vegan...

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