birthday hike

Today is my birthday.

Luckily, J and I celebrated with my birthday hike yesterday, when we had perfect skies.

We went to the Blue Hills Reservation, near Boston, and went all the way to the top of the Great Blue Hill. Most of the paths were a lot tougher than this:

But it was so worth it.

We snacked on fruit and lembas...okay, fruit and gluten loaf. It's my birthday...I can play Lord of the Rings if I want to.

And we enjoyed the sights of autumn.

Happy birthday to me. =)


  1. oh mylanta, this is OBSCENELY BEAUTIFUL! is this on the commuter rail?! must. visit. soon! hope you had a lovely birthday, love!

  2. Unfortunately not...we had to rent a zipcar, which means we can't go nearly as often as we'd like. =( You can get there with the mbta, but it looks like a loong trip.

    And yes...it was crazy beautiful.

  3. happy belated birthday! looks like a lovely way to spend the day. :)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! What a terrifically beautiful fall day! Looks like a happy one! :)


Thanks for making me smile. =)