healthy habits: say something nice

A Cup of Jo shared this video on her blog yesterday, and I hope she doesn't mind that I am keeping it circulating in the blog-o-sphere. Just watch.

Amazing idea, right? Can you imagine how people must have felt after walking by here? I bet anyone who spoke into the microphone, or listened to what anyone said, must have been smiling the rest of the day.

It's got to be a healthy habit.

It's about love, and focusing on the positive. It's amazing how focusing on the positive makes us happier, healthier, and more well.

So here's the healthy change. Go to someone, anyone, and say something nice. Thank your SO for all the things he/she does right. Compliment your neighbor on her flowers. Tell your cat you love her (check). Tell that stranger that her hair is gorgeous (also, check).

Better yet, think of someone who really irritates you. And then find something in them that you love. Search hard...it's got to be there somewhere. And then tell them.

I guarantee you'll feel good.

Say something nice.

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