in appreciation of age

I suppose I am relatively underexposed to advertising. I have Netflix instead of cable, shop at the thrift store instead of the department store, and spend my commute with my nose in a book. Thank goodness for all that.

Because the other day at the gym, I watched a whole slew of commercials while running, and I couldn't believe what I saw...three commercials in a row that were either for make-up or for "anti-aging" products. The anti-aging products were really what got me. Because I realized all of a sudden what a sad obsession we are beginning to have with fighting our own faces, and especially our age.

Warren Buffett

I began to wonder how we came to be so youth-obsessed and what its implications are. The biggest implication I see? Unhappiness. Because we're all going to get older. Period. And I think most of us would rather shine with inner beauty as we age, than shine with silicone and botox. Even if we should choose to cling to the physical beauty of youth, we would be wiser to recognize that even outer beauty comes from within...from what we've put into our bodies during our lives, and not from the chemicals we've slathered on our faces.

We seem to have lost the great sense of respect for the signs that show how much we've learned and experienced, how much we have to share, how much we've laughed.


I don't propose we devalue youth either. I propose we value age...whatever that age may be.

I have known babies that bring an immense amount of joy with a smile...
Toddlers who have asked deep questions with wide eyes...
Children who have extended kindness to a ladybug...
Teenagers who have worked to provide for their families...
Young adults who have brought beauty into the world...
Parents who have passed on the wisdom that comes with age, while adopting new habits...
Senior citizens who regularly skype...


I won't pretend it's always easy to look forward to aging. We're so inundated with messages that we should fight aging. So every chance I get, I remind myself how wonderful it is to be the age I am, and I look around and think about everything I have to look forward to. It's a wonderful life...all of it...so let's try to start ignoring anything that tells us otherwise.

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  1. You are the sweetest. And you are so right!

    Have been meaning to let you know how much I love your new concept! And all of your posts lately!


Thanks for making me smile. =)