the big-ish reveal

Yesterday I posted about how much I love making changes...in the blog-o-sphere, at least.

And then I got maybe a little too excited about my new project.

Are you ready for it?


100 Habits for Health and Happiness!

Let me start by reassuring you that I did not, unbeknownst to you, get my M.D. in my spare time. Nor have I become an acclaimed philosopher. What I have done, is start to play around with a lot of health recommendations. It started when I cut out refined sugar, and I felt so good (and happy) after that, I started wondering what other healthy changes might make me feel so good that I'd want to stick with them permanently.

So this project is definitely not coming from the professional sphere. It's coming from the experimental sphere. 

I'd like to take 100 recommendations...from doctors, philosophers, nutritionists, authors...and try them on for size. I've already got a few under my belt. The goal is not to see what fundamentally works or doesn't work, because I believe that the health habits of every person should fit them individually. The goal is to share, share, share, and see where it takes us.

The idea struck me when I was walking to work one day and found that I felt really, really happy. And I realized that it was partially because I'd gotten a good night's sleep, partially because I'd eaten a good breakfast, partially because the sun was shining and campus was beautiful. It was all of those things and more. I felt happy and healthy, and it was because of my entire experience.

Just as doctors often fail to treat the body as a whole, I think we often fail to consider our entire physical and emotional well-being from a holistic perspective. With that in mind, I'll be categorizing my habits into four spheres.


1. The Mind-Body Sphere

If you're stressed, your body feels it. If you're eating nothing but fast food, that will translate into lethargy and negative emotions. The connection between your mental and physical states is not a difficult one to fathom. So habits in this category will focus on getting our minds in the right place so our bodies can follow suit.

2. The Body Sphere

This category deals with what we do with our bodies, pure and simple. Obviously, a lot of this will have to do with movement and exercise, but there are certainly many other things our bodies do, and I hope to include more than just the basics.

3. The Input-Body Sphere

The Input-Body sphere is all about what goes into our bodies. Naturally, this includes food. But it also includes the things that touch our skin and the air that we breathe.

4. The Environment-Body Sphere

This category is all about interactions. It's about how we interact with other people, with our surroundings, with animals and plants. These interactions can have both physical and mental effects, and therefore, are just as large a part of our health as anything else.


I'm sure some of these habits will fit into a couple of categories. I'm sure a couple of them will contradict each other. But let's remember, we're not trying to save the world or achieve perfection. We're just trying some stuff on for size, and it doesn't have to fit every single time.

I hope to start sharing soon.

Are you ready? I am!

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  1. Something along the mind sphere I stumbled on yesterday and thought, duh: The Secret. It's a movie readily available on Netflix. I'm thinking the overall principle seemed to be a no-brainer for me. I recommend it fo' sho'.


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