healthy habits: stretch every night

Last summer, J played softball once a week on a recreational team. The first time I made it to a game, I was so excited to see him play. A few innings went by and the boy didn't disappoint. Towards the end of the game, things got exciting. He hit a great ball and went running for first base. And about halfway there...

...he crumpled to the ground.

I thought he was sliding.


The verdict for him was a badly pulled hamstring. The verdict for me was a weekend of helping to wrap his leg with ice packs and go out and buy groceries for him. I felt so bad that I didn't mind helping out.

The second time I made it to a game, he performed equally well. In the outfield, he caught every ball. Until he had to sprint for one...and then he crumpled to the ground. Seriously. He pulled his hamstring again.

We couldn't decide if it was bad luck for me to attend the games or if he was just showing off for me and overextending himself. (You be the judge...just keep in mind how awesome I am.) Either way, a weekend of playing nurse did not sound so fun the second time around. I had been stretching nightly as a way to relax before bed, and J decided to adopt the habit. We've both been nearly nightly stretchers ever since. And guess what? J made it through the whole season this year with all muscles intact.


Flexibility is a good thing. You can show it off for your friends. It helps your muscles recover and perform better. And stretching helps your muscles release toxins and stress (ideal before a restful night).

This habit is a really easy one too. It takes only about 5 minutes of your evening, and I often do it while watching tv, since it doesn't require much thought.

My favorite sites are here and here...mostly just because the pictures are really awesome. Okay...only because the pictures are really awesome. Actually, I've never been on them before tonight. But just enjoy, okay?

So I'll just leave you with these...and remember...stretch.

back stretch

Triceps and Waist
person holding elbow and stretching to one side

shin stretch

Hips and Hamstrings
person doing floor exercises

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