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My journey as a writer-of-sorts has been a strange one. Growing up, I never ever wore the "writer" label. As a child, I liked it well enough. I kept a special journal full of poems and stories and reflections (green with dogs on it, just in case you were wondering). My writings were often imitations of other things that I had read. I realize now that's exactly how a lot of writers develop. But at the time, I felt like a bit of a crook.

As a teenager, I thought I was good at writing...good enough to get into honors classes and do well, but not good enough to identify my person with the art. During those years, I was never very driven to write except when I needed to for an assignment. I figured it was because I didn't have it in me. It felt mechanical.

I bet a lot of students feel that way. The truth is, I was never really exposed to the kind of writing that I love. I analyzed literature, wrote creative short stories, argued persuasively. The kind of writing I really love is not quite captured by any of those things. At heart, I am a teacher. And when I write on here, I feel like I'm teaching. That's it. That's the kind of writing I like.

Whether anyone learns anything or not is really beside the point. Half of teaching is actually about learning anyway, and this blog has been fruitful in that way more than any other.

The point I'm really trying to make here is basically about my evolution as a writer. I hope I never figure out exactly what my niche is. Because every time I'm swept up by the winds of change, I'm inspired and enthusiastic and driven to write. And the most lovely part of figuring that out is that writing has become rewarding for me. It's intrinsic now! It doesn't matter what grade I get on my blog posts. I just feel good writing them. (And I hope no one out there is grading them anyway.)

So I've learned to embrace my own personal evolution. And now I'm ready for another change. Is this too Kelly Bensimon of me? Gosh, I hope not. (Side note: I promise I only watch The Real Housewives to make the time fly by when I'm running at the gym.)

And here's the big change: I'm dropping the "Life Lessons" theme. It's starting to feel a bit restrictive, actually. I've got another idea bubbling up inside of me (who knows how long it will last...), and I'd like to give it a shot. That's it. Big enough news to deserve its own post? Maybe not. But this is the same quiet, little virtual space I always return to, and changes here are a part of my journey as a blogger.

Keep an eye out for my new project. I am so excited to share.


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