sometimes we have to remind ourselves how lucky we are

On Sunday, J left for a loooong conference in Georgia. Of course, I would be sad to see him go under any circumstances, but the first few days of his absence corresponded with a series of slightly unfortunate events in my day-to-day, and the poor guy spent the last three nights doing damage control over the phone as I related the oh-so-tragic moments of my lonely days.

Today, I got over it.

True, I miss him dearly and am counting down the days (4 down, 11 to go). True, work today was insanely frustrating. True, it was rainy and cold and just unpleasant in Boston.



I am lucky to be employed.

I am lucky to have the means to eat a farmers market salad for dinner.

I am lucky to have a roof over my head, keeping out that icky rain.

I am lucky to have the snuggliest kitty to keep me company.

And I am lucky to have found a guy so wonderful that I would miss him so much.

More soon. xoxo

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