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This is one of many catchphrases over at one of my favorite blogs. And because she uses it so often, I know this blogger won't mind if I borrow it for a little while.

In my last post, I described how overwhelmed I get when thinking about blogging. The culprit is that list I mentioned, full of great blogging ideas. I can hear them whispering to me when I'm doing things I enjoy less than blogging. But...while I would love to dissect that list and make it into a few really great posts, sharing is caring after all, and as I put it off, those ideas become yesterday's news. So I'm going to clean out my blogging closet and share a few fascinating tidbits:

-Here's an opinion piece from the NY Times that reminds us that if teachers are as important as we believe (and as research shows), we might do better to send some resources in their direction. In addition to paying teachers more, we should also be promoting a culture that supports and values their work.
-Here's an article that describes how difficult it can be for low-income families to access healthy foods...and they are the ones suffering from the highest rates of obesity and diabetes.
-Here's another opinion piece from the NY Times chiding McDonald's for its "healthy" oatmeal production. It's really eye-opening. And it's too bad we have to examine everything we eat so closely.
-And here's an article on Sketchers toning shoes made for little girls (to help them get sculpted legs). The author explains that the Sketchers commercial embedded in the article sends a dangerous message to girls about how we value women and how we expect them to look. I couldn't agree more.

And finally, here's an ad against the debated soda tax:

Setting aside my personal beliefs about health and sugar, I think there is a logical train of thought worth following here. Processed sugar has no nutritional value and in fact, does damage to the body. Therefore, like alcohol or cigarettes, it is a luxury item. Also like alcohol and cigarettes, it contributes to preventable disease and rising health care costs. Like alcohol and cigarettes, it should be taxed to discourage people from overindulging and to offset the cost of paying for that indulgence.

Just me?

I'm ok with some polite disagreement.

I've shared all this stuff because it makes me quietly angry. I read these stories and simmer a little in my desk chair, not really sure what to do about it. But I think the best thing I can do is share, care, and hope that a little love and a lot of awareness can help us start talking about important things.

But to end things on a light note, I met this guy on my way home tonight. And I just had to smile.

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  1. Right on, sister! :) And I love snails too. What a good picture!


Thanks for making me smile. =)