life is a journey

Lately, I've been thinking about blogging just about every day. But I've been thinking about it in that stressed-out it'sbeentoolongsincei'veposted sort of way that entirely takes away from the point of blogging. I've started my full-time summer position, and adjusting to that schedule, on top of the other demands I've put on myself, has left me a bit short on time. I have a big, long to-blog list that includes recipes, crochet projects, stories and adventures, and my latest musings on education and health. But...for now...I think it's time to cut myself a break.

I sat down to post a new recipe, and then realized that it wasn't really a recipe I was ready to post. So instead of forcing it, I'm trying to remember how important it is to really make the most of our moments, and "do" for enjoyment, not just to get something done.

When I feel stress building and my balances beginning to tip, I like to watch this video, narrated by a favorite philosopher, Alan Watts. I think it's a beautiful message for everyone, but it resonates with me especially, because I think he gets at exactly where our educational system seems to fail in the most fundamental way. Remember, life is a journey, and we're supposed to dance and sing...

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