you can fit a lot of lessons in one blog post

My camera is full of pictures reflecting the wonderful things I've been doing lately and the wonderful lessons I've learned while doing them. So here is the whirlwind journey I've been on for a month or two...

My parents visited, and I learned that I would rather have pictures of them than of the fish in Haymarket...but the fish are still pretty cool.

I went to my second ever MLB game and learned that even a non-sports-enthusiast can enjoy a day at Fenway. (Especially sitting next to that cute boy.)

My high school friends visited and I learned that the best view of Boston is from the top of the Prudential Tower...and that there is nothing quite like a girls' night out with people who knew you when you were young(er).

I went home for Easter and learned that I've been creating recipes since I was quite small... 

I also learned that the best cheese I've ever had comes from Madison, WI.

And my excellent brother-in-law taught me that my dinky little camera has more potential than I realized...

And when I got home, I learned that this is the best recipe for homemade hand lotion ever. Amazingly easy, super cheap, and all natural...

I hope your adventures have been as rewarding as mine!


  1. I have a friend that was at the same game at Fenway! (I assume anyway it was against the Yankees, so maybe?) and the best cheese DOES come from Madison. SOOOOOO good. :)

  2. Boston looks like a fun city.
    and i'm really excited to try the lotion via the link you gave!

  3. So funny, Holly! They played two other games there, but still funny. =)

    And Emily, the lotion is amazing...highly recommend.

  4. Just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I like the list of products - the olive oil soap looks great.

  5. Thanks! Wish I had more time to update it. =)


Thanks for making me smile. =)