handmade is worth it

Worth the time, worth the investment, worth the effort.

I didn't think I had any natural talent for crafting. But after spending way too much time trying to figure out how I could trick my sister into making more of her beautiful handmade knits for me (just kidding...sort of), I decided it was about time to pick up the
needle myself. Crocheting keeps it pretty simple. The payoffs? Stress relief. Custom-made items. A reason to think creatively. Oh...and lots of self-satisfaction.

Here are my first two projects. I'm looking forward to sharing more.

Leg Warmers

Pattern from Crochet Kitten.
Using multi-colored Ornaghi Filati Malaga yarn (gotta love the name).


Pattern from Pardon My Chaos.
Using Nashua Hand Knits in Cherry Red.


  1. Yay! They're beautiful! That ribbon is great with your leg warmers!

  2. Wow! they are beautiful. We do crocheting too.


Thanks for making me smile. =)