fantasies come true

When I first visited BC almost a year ago, the still snowy campus radiated magic. With buildings that look like castles and beautiful landscaping, BC is probably the closest thing to Hogwarts this side of the Atlantic. I won't pretend it didn't influence my decision to attend.

Today I went on a walk with co-workers to enjoy the beautiful weather. And they showed me this:

This is a library. At BC. Where you are allowed to sit. For free. Where have I been for the last six months?! Not only is this place quiet and magical and gorgeous, it is also not crowded. I intend to spend as much of my next winter break here as possible, with sugar-free hot cocoa and a couple of Harry Potter books. But I don't think I can wait for that ultimate coziness. I think I've found my new study nook. I guess only so many dreams come true in one lifetime. One down.

Bapst Library
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Ave.
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

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