liebe schmeckt wie erdbeer-rhabarber konfitüre

Love tastes like strawberry rhubarb jam.

That's probably because I just had some. But I also just couldn't come up with anything better. Strawberries are soft and vulnerable. Rhubarb is crisp and fresh. Love can feel like all of those things and more. And if it were possible to fall in love with a flavor, this would definitely be my amour.

It's funny how much we deeply understand love from a very young age. And also how much we struggle to understand it our whole lives. I loved how this video helped me remember the simple beauty of love, as well as the negative ways we can influence little ones' perceptions of love through our own behavior.

As usual, any German sprechers are welcome to correct any mistranslations. Enjoy!


In nursery school, there is a boy, who fooled me. He said, "Take hold of my knee." And then, I did it, and then he kissed me.

Well it begins first in school. And then you arrange to meet sometime. And then you build a relationship. And then, uh, perhaps you do a lot of homework together at home and...uh...

In the spring many birds fall in love, and that's why they chirp in the spring.

In the evenings they meet up perhaps with their love and go kind of to a park bench or something, in a very quiet area, and then kiss or something.

First...first, hand holding. (Kissing?) And then also kissing.

First you are free, then in love, and then you get married.

And then you have children. And then it begins all over again.

Love can also end when you argue...and that...for a week...or perhaps another month, you are pissed. And when I've lost a friend, I have this feeling...this feeling as if you're heart is dried up and become cold.

Yearning for someone can somehow make you act very strangely.

And when you are in love, you have butterflies in your stomach.

Some people can also fall in love with people from other countries. So, it must not always...yes...they can also come from various countries.

When an African and a German fall in love, then by all means, one of the two must first learn the language of the other.

Love is even more important than gold treasure. For me. And friendship also.

I think love is s***.

When you are in love, then you form a sort of heart-shaped head.

Girls can also love girls.

You must only look at the heart to see if they love, or if they don't love.

Some people don't notice...don't notice that they love each other. But their souls and their hearts...they notice. And then sometime, the hearts say so loudly, that you just know and understand, and then you begin to love and also to like.

Well, you can also be in love when you're...maybe 80! You can still fall in love.

But when you're a very rickety grandma, you can't cuddle anymore.

My mama always laughs, "No matter how old you are, or whatever time it is, you always play love. You can always fall newly in love again."

But when you've fallen in love, where can you see the love?

Love is invisible.

If I were to sample love, it would taste like tunafish pizza. That is my favorite dish.

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