nothing makes the cold more bearable than a big christmas tree

I love living the student lifestyle. I wake up (usually) when I want to, plan my schedule to suit my taste, and can do my work almost anywhere. Most of the time, it's totally worth the near-poverty-level income. But the one time of the year that I rue my student status, is during the holidays. With the stress of finals and summative presentations, the Christmas season always flies by almost unnoticed, no matter how good my intentions were for the year.

J and I both finished all our class obligations this week. So last night, we got ourselves bundled up and trekked out in the cold to see the Christmas tree in Boston Common. It was definitely worth it:

Afterwards we ate dinner in the fourth oldest restaurant in Boston. Our entrees? Fall-off-the-bone-tender pork for J, and prosciutto wrapped rabbit for me. What a wonderful yuletide gift.

Merry merry!