the world could use a little more jon stewart

I'm not consistent about following current events. I always hesitate to make political judgments, in fear that I just don't know enough to sound like an informed citizen. I'm usually pretty sure that someone else can out-argue me about politics if they have taken the time to watch even an hour's worth of news that day. Unfortunately, most of the information that people use to argue about politics comes from extremely unreliable sources motivated primarily by profit maximization, not information dissemination.

That's why I love watching Jon Stewart. He can't be firmly labeled as liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican. Regardless of his personal, debatable, moral convictions, The Daily Show only seeks to comment on the logic of political decisions and political reporting. Jon Stewart is smart, and concerned about the irrational ways Americans judge the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the political system. He is a comedian, but takes his responsibility to report honestly seriously.

I would love to share tons of my favorite clips of him. Instead, I will just share what I am most excited by at the moment, his call for a "Rally to Restore Sanity." Please enjoy this clip:
I will not be in attendance, as Jon Stewart says, because I have s*** to do. But I hope the rally gets some real attention and promotes the voices of the quiet people, who just want to see some thoughtfulness in the political arena.

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