manchmal haben die besten fragen die meisten antworten

Sometimes the best questions have the most answers.

I am using the excuse that I want to keep up my German in order to live out a second childhood. I recently discovered "Die Sendung mit der Maus" ("The Show with the Mouse"). It reminds me a bit of "Sesame Street" and has been around for about as long (since 1971). They have a lot of animated shorts, often featuring narration by children. The one that follows is my favorite so far. Below it is my rough translation.

I dedicate this post to my brother, who at the tender age of 4 or so, asked at a family gathering, "Why are we here?" When a cousin explained that we were spending time together and enjoying some good food, he clarified, "No, why are we on the earth?"

"The Big Question"

Why am I on the earth?
You are on the earth to celebrate birthdays.
You are on the earth to purr...and at most, also to catch mice.
You're there to sing a song.
You're on the earth to have patience.
Naturally you're on the earth so that I can spoil you!
I believe we are on the earth to bark...and from time to time, to howl at the moon.
You are on the earth to cruise the sea, of course!
You're on the earth to trust.
You're there to wake up early.
Because Mama and I love each other.
I have no idea at all.
You're on the earth to love life.
You are there to be there.
You're there to kiss the clouds.
You're on the earth to love yourself.
You are there to fight.
You are there, because I love you.


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