one man's trash is another man's treasure

Lesson 4 is certainly not an original thought of mine. Nor is it a recent discovery. It is, however, newly affirmed by my first visit to Urban Renewals... "a Family Thrift Center for the city dweller." I fell in love with this place as soon as I walked in the door. It is huge! I always worry about the competitive nature of buying used; that is, you really have to search for the gems, and a lot of that depends on timing and luck. But Urban Renewals is so big, that it is almost impossible not to find something. I picked up a few gems, and I'm sure I passed over many more.

The store is sorted by color and clothing type and all seems to be very clean (though I still stand by washing everything before wearing). Various household goods, toys, and linens line the walls. And there is a separate room for furniture and more household goods. There is a donation "pile" in store.

There are a few uncomfortable aspects of this store. There are no dressing rooms, so people tend to crowd by the mirrors and awkwardly try clothes over their outfits. The furniture room has a smell kind of like a wet garage. And on the Saturday morning that I went, there were a lot of moms hauling around a few very loud children.

But if you are a true thrift fan, those aspects of the atmosphere are to be expected, and the deals are worth it. I plan to make many more trips here. Unfortunately, moving into a new apartment made me acutely aware of how much stuff I have, and I made a promise to myself and J, that every time I bring new things into this place, I will get rid of some old things as well.

So it's out with the old...

And in with the... old...

I bought two t-shirts, a pair of shorts, a long sweater, a book, and a pair of gold earrings. My total? $16.38. If you do the math, that's an average of $2.73 an item!

Urban Renewals
122 Brighton Avenue
Allston, MA 02134

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