when it comes to boston weather, "overprepared" is not an applicable adjective

Since my move to Boston, the weather has been blessedly beautiful. We've had sunny skies and warm days, if not a little too warm. In fact, I was itching for a taste of some weather that might make me shiver a little and hunker down in our cozy place. On Sunday, my wish started to come true...

We entered a few days of rain, sometimes wretchedly heavy and at other times, hardly a drizzle. I ventured out in it on Tuesday, reminding myself that I needed to be prepared for a commute that will always involve lots of walking outdoors, and often involve some miserable weather. I knew I needed to break myself in. But it was...wonderful. The rain was light, and after spending a few hours away, I came home with damp jeans and made myself some hot soup. It felt good to need socks.

So yesterday I went out again, this time to the gym. I thought about bringing my fantastic Tretorn galoshes, and changing into my sneakers in the locker room. But then I realized how silly that would be of me, considering how light the rain had been on Tuesday.

As I was walking out the door with two bags of garbage and saw the rain I thought, "Well, I'll pretend I'm on a quest in Middle Earth and have a cozy hobbit hole waiting for me at the end." (I typically use whatever fictional bent I'm on to keep my spirits up on bad days.) When I missed a train by seconds and had to hop over a huge puddle, I thought, "Well, I'll pretend I'm on a walkabout in Lost and I'm embracing the rain." After waiting at the T-stop for a few minutes, trying to make myself as small as possible under my umbrella, I thought:
  • I'm going to have to work out with wet, itchy feet.
  • I'm going to get athlete's foot.
  • My feet are going to stink.
  • My shoes are still going to be wet tomorrow.
  • My calves are wet and cold.
  • I hate the MBTA.
After spending 15 minutes in the locker room trying to inconspicuously dry my socks and shoes with a hair dryer, I decided never to underestimate the weather here again. I will never leave my galoshes when it might be rainy. I will never wear a light jacket when I think it might be cold. I will never leave my hair down on a day when it might be windy. Then I'm sure I'll always look like this:

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